Black and white photo of a young woman in an attic. She is crouched and reading poetry from a stack of papers in her hands.

Hi, I'm Annie Grizzle. 
I'm just a poet that stumbled my way into shoemaking and leather work.

After spending my first decade of adulthood working odd jobs, moving from city to city and dedicating myself to writing, it became abundantly clear I was going to need to make a change in how I made my living. I flirted with the idea of a few different crafts, none of which stuck, until it popped into my head that I should learn how to make shoes. Some divinity of luck had it that The Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts was down the road from where I lived at the time and I was able to take my first class in the spring of 2022. 

By 2023 I was back in Milwaukee, WI and had started The Shoes of Disquiet. I'm so profoundly grateful to have found a craft that’ll allow me to live the restless poetic lifestyle that has brought so much joy and community into my life. To everyone who has supported and encouraged me; I truly can't thank you enough. 

And if you're a wandering creative feeling lost and confused please know that I feel you, you're on your way, and I'm sending love.